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Our Mission:

Eden’s Promise Care Services, LLC is committed to quality health care for consumers. Our staff has over 15 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. We provide our home healthcare clients with an unsurpassed level of personalized care by being dedicated to employee education and client satisfaction.

Our Vision:

Eden’s Promise Services, LLC intends to work collaboratively and in partnership with the Agency for People with Disabilities to provide and serve to those in need of the services provided by the agency. In order to do so, it has drafted this Policies and Procedures Manual where it will detail specific administrative and programmatic requirements for the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Base Services Waiver and Developmental Disabilities Program Waivers(s) requirement for providers, and agency’s plan for compliance. 

Meet the Heart and Soul of Eden’s Promise: Mr. and Mrs. Banks

At Eden’s Promise, our facility for disabled individuals is not just a place; it’s a warm, welcoming home, thanks to the passion and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. With a genuine love for making a difference in the lives of those with disabilities, this remarkable couple has poured their hearts into creating a haven of care, support, and inclusivity.

Mr. Banks, with his unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment, brings extensive experience in healthcare and accessibility to the forefront. His empathy and vision are the driving force behind the exceptional services we offer.

Mrs. Banks, on the other hand, infuses Eden’s Promise with her boundless compassion and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Her nurturing spirit and attention to every resident’s unique needs create an atmosphere of belonging and empowerment.

Together, as a dynamic team, they embody the spirit of Eden’s Promise, where every resident is not just a name but a valued member of our extended family. Their dedication to enriching lives and fostering independence is at the heart of what makes Eden’s Promise truly exceptional. Come meet them and experience the warmth and care that define our community.

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